We make indoor worlds discoverable.
Want to join us?

A career with us means setting on a journey with a specific destination but no pre-ordered meals. To accompany you is an award winning team of the brightest computer scientists, researchers, software engineers and product strategists, and some very persuasive friends, such as Baidu (our investor since 2014). To earn your ticket on this invigorating trip on creating new a business, read on.


Our Culture & Values

We’re as accurate with our recruitment as we are with our mapping, and boy, it’s really precise. We want to make sure our culture of openness and positivity endures even if our headcount increases. The wellbeing of every team member is vital to us. So is maintaining the sense of community.

We give credit where it belongs – to the employees

We don’t throw our values at you and expect you to follow a premeditated guideline; on the contrary, we invite you to figure these out together. We feel strongly about transparency in our approach and it’s proven to be a motivating factor. Everyone knows about the company’s accomplishments and the credit is given where it belongs – to the employees.

Ambition is our choice of A-words

We have entered a game of inspiration and we feel it all around. Our clients’ success is our success, and we yearn for more. Ambition is our choice of A-words and we value this feature in our employees as well. Other vital qualities we look for, besides the absolute tech qualifications, are ability to adjust, communicate and share knowledge. Innovations are made together and we encourage people to be creative.

Some of Our Benefits & Specialities

Aiming to be the Best

We are one ambitious bunch. Learning new things and having fun whilst making a difference is what we are good at. Did you know we were nominated for the Edison Award of the Most Innovative Start-Up in Silicon Valley?


The team that plays together, stays together. Our monthly activities have taken us from go karting to wall climbing. We simply enjoy each others’ company and we can all agree we have the best colleagues!

Flexibility and Balance

We understand the demands of matching work and family. Our working hours are flexible, and it is possible to work also remotely. Extra hours are deposited into and used from what we call a time bank.

Celebrating and Thanking

It is important to remember to celebrate milestones, success and achievements. We also like to remember birthdays and new babies. A sincere thank you never grows old!

Modern Offices and Equipment

Our offices are airy and equipment modern. It’s hard to get inspired and creative in an eye sore, so we like to make sure our office is pleasant to look at. Whether you prefer a desk or the comfort of a sofa, we have it all.

The Making of IndoorAtlas

Being part of a fast growing startup means we can all influence and build the best workplace for us. We welcome all team members to join the workshops and discussions about developing our shared practices and culture.

Lunching and Munching

There are always plenty of snacks and fruits available at our offices to keep your energy levels high. We enjoy having lunch together, and our company supports this by offering a lunch benefit for us.

Be Frank and Get Franked

We promote openness, sharing and clear communication. Slack, Skype and Google Hangout are regularly used to enable cross office dialogue. And do not let our frankness scare you. We come with good intentions!

Career Stories

What People Are Saying

From the first moment on I have felt like being a part of this great family that supports each other and has fun together. IndoorAtlas is a place where I can see myself staying for a long time.

Elina Peltola
Customer Success Manager

Working at IndoorAtlas is great! My co-workers are nice, fun and professional. I get to learn new things all the time and really feel like I’m improving myself. And we’re changing the world.

Timo Saloranta
Software Developer

I’m amazed with the technology this company commits to, and what it can offer in a real business world. I am very pleased to be part of the team and work with the best talents in the industry.

Si Wang
Baidu Account Director

Meet Our Hiring Team

Hanna-Leena "Peppi" Keskitalo

HR & Finance Manager

Otto Seiskari

Chief Technology Officer

Janne Haverinen