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We in IndoorAtlas are always keen to meet great talents and persons sharing the interest and passion towards Indoor Location Services. As the market around IPS grows we are looking to hire like minded to join our team of extraordinary gentlemen and lady’s.

If you couldn’t find a suitable position/role that would meet with your background, experience and passion, please leave an open application online by following the given instructions:

How to Apply

  • Apply by sending your resume & cv to jobs @
  • Even though it says open application please tell us what kind of work you are interested in and what you have to give to IndoorAtlas. Specific information on the role/position you would be interested in and carefully prepared application will help us evaluate, which opportunities would be best for you.
  • If you have any work samples or portfolios, please attach a link / sample documents to your application.
  • Please be brave and tell us what your dream job is!


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