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What’s life like as a part of our Research Team?

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Meet our Research Team

Meet our Research Team, the extraordinary people behind the algorithm development. Everyone here is equipped with a huge skillset, and has his or her own background – whether it’s on mathematics, information technology or something in between. We’re proud to call these talented individuals our family members. We need our Research Team to bring it’s A-game in developing the algorithm for embedded systems and cloud services in order for us to maintain our status as the world leading technology in the indoor positioning field.

Ville Tolvanen is one of our Research Engineers in Helsinki.

Ville’s top 3 likes about IndoorAtlas are:

1) Startup culture

We encourage constant development and live for the thrill of pioneering

2) Freedom

You don’t have anyone breathing down your neck while you work. You’ve got your own responsibilities but flexible hours and working methods make it possible to have a life outside the office as well.

3) Teamwork

Coworking is the way we do it. Slack, Skype and Google Hangouts are regular means of sharing ideas and participating meetings across our offices. In order the teamwork to blossom, we also need face-to-face time with each other – that’s still the best way to discuss and really immerse to planning.

Who would be a best fit to this team?

Let’s try to best describe that person: A critical thinker who can make arguments while staying encouraging and positive. Someone who has built-in initiative and responsibility, and isn’t afraid to speak out their opinions.