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“It’s so cool it must be hot”

Google ’IndoorAtlas’ and you get several search results with international media coverage on the company. For a startup established only a couple of summers ago, it usually tells something. And this ’something’ is something hot boiling in the pan.

In case you haven’t picked IndoorAtlas yet on your compass, here are few hot facts:

  • HQ’s Oulu, Finland and Mountain View, California (definitely cool meeting hot)
  • Founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Oulu University by a team of academic researchers
  • Develops currently the only cloud based technology for indoor positioning
  • The technology is based on an academic research CEO Janne Haverinen and the founding team have conducted almost ever since they read an article about lobsters recognizing and using the magnetic variations of earth for orienteering back in 2003
  • Has raised about 10 MEUR funding in 2014 to break in the new indoor location market
  • Most recent investor was Baidu, one of the biggest search engine companies in the world, which is boiling hot
  • Visions to map every building in the world (the technology has remarkable potential)

As the company grows, one of the driving forces is building the right kind of team. Startup phase can be quite tiresome if your work personality does not match with the business strategy and the company culture deriving from it. But when it does, oh boy it can be the most exciting, uplifting and life changing learning experience ever….

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