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Our Engineer Team acing the indoor positioning techniques

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We don’t give away praise for nothing; these guys really deserve to be acknowledged as game changers developing our mission-critical service infrastructure. Members of our Engineer Team have various backgrounds, but maybe the most traditional is in working with web/mobile development or for example distributed systems. You can be a self-taught guru or a university graduate. Where you have refined your skills is not relevant, it’s what you can deliver that counts. The thrill of developing a cutting edge technology is contagious and the main combining factor within the team. Everyone with us feels responsible for cultivating the service to be the best solution for app developers all around the world.

The job itself is demanding yet rewarding. You get to play with the latest tech to develop your own skills and make a difference in the indoor positioning scene. We start our week with a meeting to stay ahead with our goals, and finish the week by wrapping it up together to learn from past experiences. The job is really about adapting to new conditions, as the startup life can be quite hectic. Luckily there are many means of communication to help us with our daily information sharing – Slack is proven to be convenient in our daily use but matters related to code are best dealt via version control and pull-requests.

What it takes to be a valued member of our Engineer Team?

Tech-savvy multi talent with excellent programming skills is a good combination to start with. Communication skills are relevant since nothing is achieved alone.